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I wanted to write a song about changing the world because when I was younger my father always told me that was something that I wanted to do and with music you can pretty much accomplish anything. So I asked a young kid that lives around me if he wanted to try to do the chours and he was a little nervous but at least he did it which is more than I can say for a lot of individuals that are able to actually do songs without guidance. So the intention was to talk about life from a younger perspective when you were not responsible for anything other than enjoying your life however the song touches on childhood from my perspective and being different and being bullied and not fitting in but pursuing your education and dreams which can change your quality of life and others. When I grow up I want to change the world, I'm not average not like other boys and girls. It's self-explanatory obviously. Go ahead and be we want to be be... yourself... don't be like everybody you see on TV create your own image and help influence other people's lives because one day you'll be grown and you may want to look back and appreciate the path you took rather than regrets from bad decisions or a lack of Community Action. The beat has a positive vibe very heavy with percussion and bass and the piano brings an innocent vibe to the song that helps bring out the whole student child kid feel. Develop your spirit in winning because the older you get the harder life gets and you have to be able to step over obstacles in front of you.

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