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I can't lie about this one... this song is somewhat sad because I wrote it at that moment when you don't want to be yourself and life seems to be overwhelming. The song talks a lot about my disappointments and mistakes that I have made and how vice can be very divisive in your life. Life can be very difficult when you get tired of running away and going through the same thing each day. There are many people out here struggling with no job and the majority of my people are just hustling trying to find a way to eat and feed their kids. When you grow up you can find yourself with inner conflicts and just nonsense of the adult world that can seem extremely overwhelming. Everybody wants to be like Mike until you have to live in his shoes. I'm not the type to complain but this song was about venting and releasing all the stress and all the disappointment in life with no regrets about expressing true feelings and personal honesty The beat is very reflective but it definitely has some kick to it and there are a million people out here feeling just like me so this is a way that we all can relate.

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