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I love this track because it's totally a club feel when you go out with your friends and your swag is in a category of its own. All you want to do is spend cash to the music. The title is Cam Newton because when your girl get to throwing it you definitely gotta catch it like it's a Pro Bowl. Of course you're always going to run into some haters but you know they better cool it and yes bottle poppin with some models I'll do it. The song also describes the type of woman that you want to have a good time with cuz she got her hair did nice, body frame nice etc,..there's always a checklist that makes things so much better. When you jump out the shower fresh and clean you definitely feel this way whether you're with your peoples or solo and ain't nobody trying to cause problems tonight. We just tryih' to kick it and have a good time with something that looks nice. Hip Hop & R&B Pop all day baby.

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Shockwave Studios - Mosley