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We were originally going to call the album two fingers but I didn't think that title was powerful enough to sum up the whole album. Two fingers has a double meaning similar to the  peace and war ying yang. People are always throwing up the deuces in pictures cuz iy's just naturally cool and that's the peace side but just like Tupac, you know what two fingers are so the track describes the two sides and you can take it how you want to. There are references to the injustices that are going on in society like all the African Americans being murdered in the streets. We don't have problem with the police we just have problems with the Injustice in society and how society handles the issues by sweeping them under the rug and never holding people accountable for their actions. The song also touches on what it's like to be a black man in society like the way you feel, the way you're treated, the way you have to act, the hopelessness but still also the pride of culture and the desire and action to be successful and strong on this Earth no matter what. The beat to me is just kind of futuristic... a real real hard snare kick pattern with this scientific synthesized sound like you're in a dream state inside of a computer with aggression and force. We fashionede the end of the album to address social injustice and our answer is two fingers... we out on that crap. too cool to get caught up so two fingers to the haters and two fingers to the racist and oppressors.

Adult Content

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