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As we all know the industry changes everyday.Music is continuing to evolve whether positive or negative but there is still some stability in the essence of music because music is bigger than just the individuals that influence it everyday. So what Mad Max wanted to do was to capture the sound of the current generation and we needed a beat that's going to fit the current sound. You ain't gotta lie is based off of the fact that people are living a fantasy. We just decided to use that background voice that sounds out of pitch and it touches on the idea that the only color is green. The verses have a fast and slow pace to keep the energy running. The content as usual is Maxheat just doing his thing and the confidence comes from the artist finally getting a job and just feeling himself based off of the opportunity that the future holds in relation to being able to live your life the way you want to spending money the way you want to and also always being the alpha male. As the chorus states "you already know I'm scoring / I'm the MVP like Jordan we already know you corny / now you out here getting paid".

Adult Content

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