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The title track captures the current industry sound with dark sinister bass beat and very low highs that just allow you to ride, biounce and feel like a new age mobster. Hhowever the theme is always the same because we don't deal with wack rap and a lot of individuals think they can mumble rap to the top. Even though they're paying you, hip-hop still prevails and lyrics and delivery is still going to be noticed regardless of the ever changing industry standard. Royal Flush is like a card game and normally if you're playing poker & you have a royal flush, you're definitely going to winning because it's hard to beat. That's the whole idea of  the song to tell a real true story about how your life is similar to a royal flush thus not very complicated. The chorus that speaks about "shut 'em down" comes from the Supermax album song called Dream King. It's just the recycling of the chorus because you know I ain't wanna do them like that but you know I'm gonna do them like that!!!  And in life you already know that you got friends but you ain't really cool with them and more importantly you ain't builtl to lose.

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King Pain Vol. 2: Royal Flush]
Shockwave Studios - Mosley