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I chose this beat because I did a mixtape remix to that Young MA Oouuu and the success on the track was so responded to that I had to go ahead and find a beat to work with that without having to get sued LOL. So we chose this beat and I mixed the vocals to fit the tempo beat.  The chorus clearly states, if you want to man I'm the man. People got fantasies... they want a man but they won't accept the man that you are so again we just kind of let Mad Max do what he do and express himself the way that he should be able to in this free country hip hop form with the gift to say what you say from the education that you have. My homeboy was supposed to get on this but we're going to wait on the next one I'm sure you'll here something very soon. When he jumps on the track... Propain and Maxheat together??  It's going down. The most important part of the song is that we're trying to set trends. This is not about dramatics like you see on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood or whatever you want to call it. We are really divine  talent that have something to say and it's definitely going down on a hot beat.... no offense.

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