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This is where nujam CEO comes in because his material is so unique and it has a certain time code on it for a certain period of life that you probably have no idea about from a time where music was real & extremely talented when it comes to expressing life. He had an idea he's been waiting on Max to be produce for a long time. He knows what it is to look at a girl and feel that she really got it like cuz she's so fly she blew off your hat off so we decided to just talk about how we feel about that one girl I'm rubbernecking so hard to see that I got whiplash. But there is some kind of softness in the track because it's not just about lusting after a woman it's more about appreciating her for who she is and how she makes you feel and why you look at her the way you do and when she come around you like all snap. The beat is a dance song and has a club vibe with strong techno highs and a strong sensual bass scheme during the verse. Its got and R&B base but the tempo is up.

Adult Content

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