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When we chose this beat we wanted to create a happy pop like like track but I had this past memory of relationship I needed to tell; a story about. I wrote it in the waiting room at the foot DR before getting a pro toe nail clipping. Crazy right? So basically I wrote a story about having a beautiful lady you meet on the bus who you think is yours after the best beginning stages of something good. She's perfect & you can't help but want and respect since you've so many true moments but like Carl Thomas you wish you never met & persued her.  You spoiled her loved her appreciated and supported her then realize she was a undercover cheater.  She put a spell  on you. It's a funny track with love & it shows the vulnerabilty of any man and in the end you still got to give her props for who she is.  Ain't noboby perfect.

Adult Content

King Pain Vol. 2: Royal Flush]
Shockwave Studios - Mosley