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3.  330 (From da O)

330 - Supermax Biodroid

(c) Millennium Music Mission Records - M3

Performed by: Mad Max (Maxheat) Written By Mike V.T Mosley (Ohio)
Produced by Mike Mosley at Shockwave Studios in Akron

"This is the first single my favorite rap track on the album.  I wanted to make a bangin mellow erie melody with a heavy energetic percussion section.  The song is a representation of the city of Akron, Cleveland and the entire state of Ohio.  Maxheat yes I am the representative and the pride displayed is through my eyes.  2nd verse has an amazing display of verbal flexibility.  The 1st verse is an explanation of the man I am due to where I was raised.  This is how we do it.  The future of pro sound.  You can hear the song free here!"

Supermax Biodroid by Mad Max

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SUPERMAX the Album
Shockwave Studios - Mosley