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15.   Block Boy

Block Boy (feat. Gurrilla Myke and Gino Mack) - Supermax Biodroid

(c) Millennium Music Mission Records - M3

Performed by: Gurrilla Myke, Gino Mack and Mad Max  Written By Myke J, Mike V.T Mosley & E. Chambers (Ohio)
Produced by Mike Mosley at Shockwave Studios in Akron
"Of course if you have a studio your friends get access and free studio time sometimes so this song is a remix to Skinny Jeans.  Just using the same beat.  Totally different concept.  It features Gurrilla Eastside Myke and my boy Gino Mack.  Switched the chorus up at the last minute with a little DJ skill from yours truly.  Editing is the key.  Love the third verse.... She say I'm Cocky like Kanye / But she ain't Beyonce / You say I talk raunchy / So she won't be fiance.../ Its cool baby cuz I'm waitin on Ashanti / Swaggadelic flow Dasani / Purify yo body."

Supermax Biodroid by Mad Max

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