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18.   Born to Die

ft. Tedju

Born to Die (feat. Tedju) - Supermax Biodroid

(c) Millennium Music Mission Records - M3

Performed by: Mad Max (Maxheat) & Tedju Written By Mike V.T Mosley & Tedju (Milwaukee) 
Produced by Mike Mosley at Shockwave Studios in Akron 
Co-Produced by Sweis (Arizona)
"My boy Sweis from Arizona told me to produce this song for a soundtrack.  It was an indie horror flick that was about supernatural and spiritual warfare.  So he told me the sound they were looking for and I created his vision, recruited Tedju from Milwaukee and we laced it digital style like perfect from 3 different states. "

Supermax Biodroid by Mad Max

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Shockwave Studios - Mosley