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6.  Duck Down (Big Head)

Duck Down (Big Head) - Supermax Biodroid

(c) Millennium Music Mission Records - M3

Performed by: Mad Max (Maxheat) Written By Mike V.T Mosley (Ohio)
Produced by Mike Mosley at Shockwave Studios in Akron

"Duck Down was written to inspire dancing in the club.  The Duck Down can easily be utilized in any dance situation. All you have to do is duck down like you are too tall passing through a doorway or ducking Keep your eyes to the floor and two step while leaning forward.  You see people doing this usually with their hands up.  Snoop does it alot :)
I of course explain why I'm ducking.  Could be dancing, avoiding people or just because my head is too big from my ego so I must duck in rooms because my head is too big."

Supermax Biodroid by Mad Max

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