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7.  Mirror Mirror (Goin Hard)

Mirror Mirror (Goin Hard) - Supermax Biodroid

(c) Millennium Music Mission Records - M3

Performed by: Mad Max (Maxheat) Written By Mike V.T Mosley (Ohio)
Produced by Mike Mosley at Shockwave Studios in Akron

"I really enjoyed crafting this beat.  Has a heavy south but midwest rhythm.  Somewhat unconvention but a great mellow and confident sound with great highs that repeat almost at random.  I remember it took me months to decide a chorus.  I love to be fresh and clean in constant motion and the chorus summarizes.  I'm known to be tough or mean and truly a beast at all I do.  Going hard is aggression and arrogance employed by faith in my abilities.  I really got the chance to toot my own horn.  Love how fast it starts and I just tell the audience how I think and feel generally about my appearance and world impact."

Supermax Biodroid by Mad Max

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Shockwave Studios - Mosley