With the steady build of intense anticipation stemming from MaD MaXxx’s upcoming sequel album release entitled “No Compromise, Unconditional Surrender”, the veteran hip hop wordsmith and his Millennium mob has recorded and released online at www.maxheat.com, the Unofficially Official Lebron James Song originating straight from Akron Ohio.
Curious ears can go to www.maxheat.com and sample or download the entire two-part song entitled, “King Pain”, free of charge. “The song‘s like combining the athletic accuracy, grace and dominance of Michael Jordan with the aggression and passion of say Tupac. It’s hot”, said MaD MaXxx of Millennium Music Mission Records (M3 Records).
The two-part adventure sky rockets as soon as you hit the play button with a dynamic interweaving of words, instruments, and emotions leaving you overwhelmingly shell-shocked and yearning for more. “We just strive to prove our credibility and maintain the highest esteem in creative pro audio production.”
After departing from the #1 college radio station in the nation, uninformed fans are left with a fading memory of Mr. MaXxx’s distinguished radio takeover personality. But the Media Production major and his new wave producing partner, NuJam, continue to provide music lovers with a fresh, full, cool and clean sound founded as “The Music Solution”. With accomplishments like No Compromise vol. 1, Bally’s, Kent State, ZTV, and WZIP tailored segues and theme songs, M3 Records personifies versatility and sets the stage for what could very well be the most underrated album release of 2004, No Compromise; Unconditional Surrender vol. 2.
Initially, very few ears will have the immediate opportunity to hear MaD MaXxx kick hip hop to another level. M3 Records released the “King Pain” King James song for public download on February 5th 2004 with intentions to groove the world into a hip hop renaissance. Who knows when the denial of the state will break, but MaD MaXxx’s second solo multiple track heat wave is soon to detonate while resistors underestimate into submission. M3 Records is a media system corporation based in Akron Ohio. Any questions or comments can be addressed at the source, www.maxheat.com. Sample “the future of pro audio” online at www.maxheat.com.

© 2004 Millennium Music Mission